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A clean floor is very beneficial to bringing new life to your home, or business. Whether it’s carpet, vct-tile, or hardwood floors, at Bright & Clear Inc., we provide professional services with state of the art equipment, to fulfill your floor care needs. For over 20 years now we have offered a wide range of solutions in residential and commercial facilities across the state of North Carolina.





Janitorial services involve more than a mop, broom or duster. Environmental and health concerns with the latest technologies have taken commercial cleaning to new levels. Our janitorial services are top notch and we stand-by our quality work. That means we can offer you a full range of solutions based on your individual business needs. We cover apartments, corporate offices, educational institutions and even construction clean-up. We know that we can meet your janitorial needs and offer numerous services that include:


*Blind Cleaning 

*Construction Clean Up 

*24 Hour Emergency floor cleaning

*General Maintenance 

*Green Cleaning

*Restroom Sanitation  

*Supply Management  

*Window Cleaning





Have you ever wondered how much more value power-washing can bring to your home, or business? You may ask, what’s the benefit in having my home, or business power-washed? Well, here at Bright and Clear Inc., we feel this service not only increases the value of your home and not only increases the foot traffic to your business, but it can save you money on a paint job. Sometimes it’s not the paint on your property, but the elements from “Mother Nature” that naturally attach to your home, or business. We offer a process that involves: water, bleach and environmentally safe chemicals to wash stubborn stains from your property. We stand by our work and years of experience to know that our products will leave you satisfied while saving you money.





Here at Bright & Clear Inc., we have built relationships with numerous local and national paint representative that we believe will be the best solution for your project. We provide color charts that are very effective to help guide you through this process. Whether commercial, or residential your project needs are what we value. Our technicians are here to guide you and work with you every step of the way. Interior, or exterior we want to help bring your colorful vision to life.



What Makes Bright & Clear Inc. Different?


Many service companies may appear similar until you take a closer look at our company. What separates us from other service companies includes:

Quality Experienced Service. 

Bright & Clear Inc., leads the service industry in initiating the use of efficient approaches. This includes environmentally responsible products and equipment; with ongoing investment in the latest equipment. 

We have worked for over 20 years to build local and statewide relationships. We have sustained and maintained these relationships which have kept us successful.


Bright & Clear Inc.:  Staying Ahead of the Competition 


Attracting and maintaining clients is important to us. Helping you do so with our elite service is a pleasure of ours. We’ve helped clients save money, catering to their financial needs leaving them happy and satisfied. In other words, quality, customer-service is what sets us apart. We owe much of our success to our clients and are appreciative for their business. Since 1994 we still provide “Services You Can Always Count On”





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